About Viewfin

ViewFin™ is a market leader in Blockchain technology and the developer of Metaverse™, the first public Blockchain in China. As the most visionary Fintech company in China, ViewFin™ has assembled together a team of domestic and international specialists from various industries such as the financial, internet, consulting and Blockchain industries to implement future Fintech applications.

ViewFin™ recognizes the importance of having digital identities (Avatars) embedded at the protocol level and have predicted well in advance that intermediaries (Oracles) are a necessary part of the Blockchain ecosystem. We believe that digital assets + digital identities + intermediaries = a web of Smart Properties.

Eric Gu is the Founder and CEO of Viewfin. He is a senior expert in Fintech and Digital Assets and a well-known opinion leader in the Chinese Blockchain ecosystem. Eric is also the main translator of China's first Blockchain book “Blueprint for a New Economy “.

What is Metaverse?

A Decentralized World

Metaverse is a decentralized world that redefines digital identities and smart assets through blockchain technology:Within the peer to peer network resides universally unique and self-sovereign identities, attached are user-defined digital identity attributes and smart assets, which will essentially power all decentralized applications or smart contracts coming afterwards.

A Digital Identity

Owning a digital identity will become essential to virtual life. Avatar is a symbolic term of expressing this identity system in Metaverse——accessible, unified and self-sovereign. With the determinacy and uniqueness of Avatar, smart assets are no longer disordered, they can be frequently created and transferred among identities, flowing into and out of Metaverse as values alongside these assets will constitute a new form of connections——the internet of values.

A New Economic Model

Metaverse is an open source public Blockchain project with a micro inflation model is employed to issue Entropy (ETP), the native digital token used in Metaverse. Entropies can be used to issue and transfer digital assets, and register new digital identity or intermediary service providers (Oracles).

The Three Pillars of Metaverse

Avatars (Digital Identity)

Through having your Avatar, you have your digital passport to the virtual world where an Avatar can be managed by a physical person or artificial intelligence. It is allowed to own several digital assets. There is a many to many relationship in Metaverse where digital assets can also be owned by many Avatars.

Digital assets

Digital assets + Digital identities= Internet of Value. In Metaverse digital assets represents any category of asset that is in the digital form. As digital assets can represent anything, this gives power to communities to value whatever they want. We are moving towards an age that cannot only transfer money but also transfer value.


In Metaverse intermediary institutions (Oracles) are invited on-chain. Viewfin believes that intermediaries will still play an important role in the future. As of today, critical thinking and logic are not programmable. We still need the intervention of intermediaries to apply sound judgement and verify our actions. The Metaverse ecosystem will rely on Oracles to ensure that all information shared, stored and provided by the members of the Metaverse community is true and reliable.

The Metaverse Wallet

Private Key

Thanks to deterministic wallet technology, a user can easily restore her wallet without needing any information and create public addresses without using a private key.

Customed Asset

Our wallet allows the customer to create his own assets from the Metaverse platform and to access all the assets created from the same place.

ETP Address

The customer is allowed to create as many ETP addresses as she wants and can conveniently transfer her ETPs