what is baas

Blockchain promises to change the ways of conducting businesses and executing transactions in areas such as supply chain, arts, travel, financial services and more. Precisely how, and the pace at which, each of these businesses adopts blockchain will surely vary.

BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) is to say blockchain solution provider can provide customized blockchain services to business users or individuals according to their needs. Metaverse’s BaaS framework mainly caters to business users with transaction or asset management needs. In the future, business users can no longer be grouped as they conventionally were and BaaS must be able to cater to digital identities in the broad sense.

BaaS Framework


Our Services


Collabrate with Metaverse

using blockchain to create, transfer, view and manage multiple digital assets.


Tailor-made overall blockchain development

from need assessment and planning, to blockchain system development and testing, and finally network launch, maintenance and operations.


Relevant technical training

fundamental concepts of Metaverse and business applications, environment setup and operations, system design and interpretation, and core analysis of Materverse blockchain

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Raymond He | Senior BD Manager