Corporate News

Metaverse Foundation Partners with Draper Dragon to Establish a Special Investment Fund for Digital Assets


DraperDragon Innovation Fund and the Metaverse Foundation officially announced their partnership to establish a digital asset investment fund.

Metaverse launches the world's leading Avatar and BaaS Service,building the blockchain infrastructure of China


China's leading public blockchain Metaverse, has been committed to creating a combination of smart property, Avatar and oracle as one public blockchain since its inception.

Metaverse Foundation The 4th International Blockchain Summit Ends Successfully


The 4th International Blockchain Summit kicked off at Shanghai International Convention Center on August, 15, 2017. Metaverse Foundation, as one of the sponsors, was invited to attend the Summit. Actually, Metaverse team has participated in this event for four consecutive years.

Highlights of 2017 Finwise Global Blockchian Summit


Co-sponsored by Metaverse Foundation, 2017 Finwise Global Blockchian Summit was successfully held in Shanghai on July 30–31. Eric Gu, founder and CEO of Metaverse Foundation, was invited to attend the Summit with his team professionals.

Finwise 2017 Global Blockchain Summit Ends Successfully


The Summit was one of the largest blockchain events in 2017 and drew a lot of attention to blockchain industry. Thousands of blockchain enthusiasts from all of the world gathered at the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai to talk about the future of applications on the blockchain and regulatory practices surrounding ICOs.

This Chinese Company Is Trying To Build The World's Leading Blockchain Platform


China is increasingly becoming a fintech Blockchain innovator, competing with other Blockchain platforms the world over for better security and easier usability. Originally developed for using Bitcoin, Blockchains now go beyond digital currencies, providing a decentralized digital ledger which can record both financial and non-financial transactions.

Metaverse Foundation in cooperation with Agrello to develop digital identity engine


Agrello is a blockchain startup and its smart agreements are designed to interface with existing legal procedures and will greatly depend on digital identities and digital signatures to adhere to international standards of legal viability.

Viewfin Dubai branch: the first step of the international strategy


Viewfin officially announced the establishment of the first overseas branch in Dubai last week as we take the first step of the international strategy and expansion.

ViewFin and OpenLedger Announce Strategic Cooperation in NYC


On 21st May 2017, ViewFin and OpenLedger signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement in New York City. The CEO of ViewFin, Eric Gu, and the CEO of OpenLedger, Ronny Boesing, were present at the signing ceremony.