ViewFin and OpenLedger Announce Strategic Cooperation in NYC


On 21st May 2017, ViewFin and OpenLedger signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement in New York City. The CEO of ViewFin, Eric Gu, and the CEO of OpenLedger, Ronny Boesing, were present at the signing ceremony.


According to the partnership agreement, ViewFin will provide a full range of support to help OpenLedger with their business development in China, including cooperation of marketing, product and client platform. At the same time, OpenLedger will help ViewFin expand in the European market.


Based in Denmark, the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), is the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate.

ViewFin is continuing its international expansion mandate by creating this important strategic partnership with OpenLedger. “It is a great honor to be the official strategic partner of OpenLedger in the Chinese market. We expect this cooperation to allow us to reach the targets set in our global development strategy.” stated Eric Gu, CEO of ViewFin.


Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger expressed his confidence in the cooperation, explaining, “ViewFin is one of the leading blockchain companies in China, and we are confident that we will achieve more in our future cooperation. It is a great honor to work with a company which is so greatly respected and regarded in their home country. Together we will build something that is special and unique, and we will take the blockchain by storm.”

Media contact:
ViewFIN: Ewa Jiang
Tel: 8621-60758514

About ViewFin
ViewFin is based in Shanghai, a market leader in Blockchain technology and the developer of Metaverse, the first public Blockchain in China. As the most visionary Fintech company in China, ViewFin has assembled a team of domestic and international specialists from various industries such as Finance, Internet, Consulting and Blockchain to shape the future of Fintech applications.

About OpenLedger
OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC) is based in Denmark, is the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate, based on BitShares technology, supporting an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding (ITO) Services. OpenLedger is now one of the most powerful cryptocurrency platforms, with a number of subsidiaries and their tokens supported by the ecosystem.