Finwise 2017 Global Blockchain Summit Ends Successfully



The Finwise 2017 Global Blockchain Summit came to a successful end on July 31th.

The Summit was one of the largest blockchain events in 2017 and drew a lot of attention to blockchain industry. Thousands of blockchain enthusiasts from all of the world gathered at the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai to talk about the future of applications on the blockchain and regulatory practices surrounding ICOs.

The most notable result of the Summit was the establishment of the Self-Regulatory Alliance, named Sandbox. The Sandbox Self-Regulatory Alliance, which is made up of seven influential blockchain-based organizations and led by the Metaverse Foundation, aims to promote best-use cases for blockchain technology, raise awareness of the regulations pertaining to the blockchain-related industries, and better serve the public through legitimate, practical applications and standards.

ViewFin’sMetaverse co-organized the event with more than 50 well-known enterprises and media outlets such as, btc123, Bitcoin China, and During the event, Eric Gu, CEO of Metaverse, received an exclusive interview by, introducing and sharing his opinions on the features of Metaverse and stories of successful experiences during the Summit.

CEO proud of the summit’s success

Although preparing the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit took a very short time, it fortunately gained a lot of broad support from many well-known enterprises and media of the industry, Eric Gu said.

When blockchain industry heard ViewFin’sMetaverse planned to organize the event, many companies came together to give support.

For the blockchain industry, Finwise 2017 Global Blockchain Summit is a positive development, demonstrating the cohesiveness of the industry. We all hope to develop the industry with the help of the government’s support and guidance.

The Focus of Metaverse

Metaverse is currently focusing on several things. First, the development of digital assets and digital identities. Secondly, Metaverse does not want fork to happen like Ethereum and it does not want smart contracts at the bottom of the public blockchain.

Metaverse founder Eric GU believes that no matter how good the smart contract or other program, it should not be written in the underlying code, but rather should be in the application or intermediate procedures that are written. Metaverse will make an adjustment in accordance with the agreement structure of Ethereum. They will put a smart contract layer on the coding layer, making the bottom of the code only used to do basic and safe network communication.

The Future Possibilities of Metaverse

By the virtue of features of digital assets, many companies put projects on Metaverse. Eric said that the development of the industry needs to be healthy.

This is why Metaverse joined the Sandbox Self-Regulatory Alliance. The enterprises involved will make great effort to prevent risks and have a good communication with regulators.

Eric’s Views

In addition to making the first public blockchain in China, Metaverse, Eric Gu is very famous in bitcoin industry. Many people do not know Roger Ver, a bitcoin giant, is a friend of Eric. “I was familiar with Roger Ver, and I agree with his ideas in many aspects.”

Eric Gu thought that Bitcoin is a real decentralized e-cash, the first assets of which cannot be confiscated. Secondly, from the perspective of the benefits for the community and human beings, many people without bank accounts in Asia and Africa can transfer electronic cash cheaply.

Like other people in the bitcoin sector, Eric Gu regards the expansion as the development direction of Bitcoin. Most people support Bitcoin Core team’s isolation testimony, but Eric had his doubts about the them taking the lead in the development of bitcoin.

However, Eric Gu has shown a more tolerable attitude towards the bitcoin hard fork. The CEO believed that the emergence of BCC is a choice of his team and the users. The development of BCC will depend on many factors.